My Beauty Tips Featured in The Knot Boston Spring/Summer 2011 issue!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts lately.  It’s been nonstop since the new year with all my upcoming Spring brides. I mentioned in one of my old post that an editor of The Knot contacted me last year for some beauty tips for their Spring/Summer 2011 issue.  I am excited to announce that my (along with a few other hair and makeup artists from Boston) tips made it into the magazine! If you have a copy of this issue, it’s on page 175-180. 

Although I am very excited and honored, unfortunately, I was misquoted many times within the article.  The one section I wanted to mention, “making mascara run-proof – lightly blowing on the coat before applying another layer and using a setting spray from flaking…” is definitely untrue. Somehow a mix up occured. I think we all know you wouldn’t blow on on your eyes to dry the mascara (difficult if you are doing this to yourself, haha) nor apply a setting spray on your eyes (ouch that would sting).  It’s definitely not sanitary for an artist to blow on a client’s face or their brushes either. I spoke with the editor who was wholeheartedly apologetic for the unexplained mishap which it’s totally ok, things happen.  So I just wanted to mention this since it’s already published and obviously can’t be corrected.  I was offered a corrected digital version of this article which was very kind of them.

If you don’t have a copy of this issue, go pick up one!